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Online Trail

Click on the pictures to see the view from each board
and check out the trail on
 Google Maps
You will find the quiz for SUMMER on the Exploring for Kids page (but you will not be able to answer all the questions if you are only on the Online Trail)
Have a look too at Habitats, Geology Trail and Sculpture Park.

Board 1

Summer board 1.jpg
CP robin.jpg
20190117_152439 (Medium).jpg
20190117_152414 (Medium).jpg

The sculptures

Summer 1.jpg

Board 2

Summer board 2.jpg
Summer 2.jpg

Board 3

Summer board 3.jpg
board 3 coverage.JPG
Summer 3.jpg

Board 4

Summer board 4.jpg
board 4 coverage.jpg
Summer 4.jpg

Board 10

Board 10.JPG
location 10.jpg
summer 10.jpg

Board 11

location 11.jpg
view 11.jpg
summer 11.jpg

Board 12

location 12.jpg
12 coverage.jpg
summer 12.jpg

Board 13

locaction 13.jpg
13 coverage 2.jpg
13 coverage.jpg
summer 13.jpg

Board 14

board 14 coverage.jpg
14 coverage.jpg
summer 14.jpg

And finally, the view from the Finish on the cliffs. We hope you have enjoyed our on-line trail and that you'll be able to walk it for yourself soon!

The Autumn information boards will be available near the end of September

Trail finish.JPG
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